Efficiency Works Audit

Efficiency Works Audit

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Efficiency Works Audit
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Efficiency Audits and Rebates

Feeling comfortable in your home is very important, but that comfort can come at a price if your home is inefficient. Efficiency Works Homes offers homeowners and renters affordable assessments to see where you can focus your hard-earned dollars in making efficiency upgrades to your home. An efficiency advisor will walk you through the process from start to finish, even helping you review quotes.

Efficiency Works™ offers rebates for efficiency upgrades that you make throughout your home. Rebates and in-store discounts cover everything from furnaces and air conditioning units to LED light bulbs and ENERGY STAR® appliances.



Efficiency Assessments

Homeowners are required to have an efficiency assessment completed before being eligible for rebates. If only a new furnace or air conditioning unit is being installed, the audit requirement is waived.

There are many benefits to completing an efficiency audit at your home. You will receive a full report with photographs showing areas of improvement, along with a cost estimate for completing those improvements. The assessment report is a home efficiency guide that homeowners can use to map out efficiency upgrades now or for the future.

Efficiency audits cost $60 (a $400 value) and include:

  • Visual inspection of your whole house.
  • Blower door test.
  • Infrared camera scan.
  • FREE energy and water saving products*, such as, LED bulbs, faucet aerators, low-flow shower heads, and more.

*Based on availability of inventory.